Our Son

Tom\'s Exceptional Support Team

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I mentioned in my last blog that Tom has an exceptional support team that cares for, manages, plans and supports him in the community. Tom has a lot of medical, emotional and social needs that he was born with. He has an intellectual disability that requires that his daily learning be broken down into easy, manageable pieces.

His day staff from Connect Employment Services has worked alongside Tom in his recycling program at Red River College, for the last 10+ years, to show Tom how to complete the tasks of recycling, and interacting appropriately with his boss, staff and students at the College. Tom has learned a host of jobs related to picking up recycling, sorting and cleaning.¬†Focusing is very hard for Tom so he\’s learned a lot about how to stay on task and everyday continues to need reminders. His present day staff has worked tirelessly with Tom over the last 6+ years to continue developing his social and daily work skills at the College.

His home staff daily works with Tom to show him how to pick up his clothes in his room, make his bed and put on the appropriate work clothes during the week and casual clothes for after work and weekends, practice daily hygiene and take his mediations. Staff has ensured that Tom participates in many Prairie Places activities in the community as well as special art projects at home. A special diet full of vegetables, fruits and lots of water is required for Tom so his day staff works tirelessly to prepare these meals. Tom has worked with his present day staff for over 3+ years. 

Coordinators from Connect Employment Services and Prairie Places Inc. attend our regular Tom Team Meetings and add supports, consultations, etc. for Tom as needed. Tom\’s Community Services worker and Tom\’s parents attend these meetings as well. We review Tom\’s medical needs, work and home programs and some personal goals and always collaborate as a Team with Tom.