Back to School Again!

September is a great time of year. Students and teachers are excitedly waiting to get back into to their classrooms. Everyone misses their special community –  Home School and Classroom.

Students enjoy walking into school anticipating new friends, the welcoming messages throughout their school and the warm hugs from their teacher and friends. They can’t wait to start their team projects and dig deep into learning.

School/community goals are based on respect, kindness, fairness, empathy, self-control, tolerance and conscience; Beliefs which reflect the values of the school and home community. All students and their families are welcomed and supported.

Every student has the opportunity to be a successful learner and share their talents with their peers. Student needs are addressed and supported in the classroom, on the playground and into the community.

School visitors are welcomed by students and staff and feel the presence of a supportive, loving community.

August 30, 2017

We Are Born To Love

At this time of the year I am constantly reminded that love and goodness fills everyone’s hearts the moment we are first born. For most, this loving of others continues for the rest of our lives.

I was inspired to read on a teacher’s whiteboard that the class was collecting students’ acts of kindness in their community; children were encouraged to share their talents and bring joy to others. This was their personal gift to their community.

I loved reading a Christmas flash news story how two sisters decided to collect dresses for other girls who didn’t have a special dress to admire and wear. In a second story students were collecting backpacks filled with school supplies for new immigrants to our country. In the inner city people were taking time to share their extra restaurant and store foods with the homeless. These stories bring joy to our hearts and reminds everyone to share.

Little store fronts were set up for families to come and shop for their loved ones and then have their gifts specially wrapped. The joy on their faces as they were leaving and thinking, “Where am I going to hide these treasures before Christmas?” Our community sets up so many ways for people to give to each other. Last October a whole community came together to plan a special Christmas in October for a young boy who would not live to see his next Christmas.

Christmas is not the only celebration at this time of year. People celebrate other special days and weeks and share their unique practices and how they give to others from their hearts. Congregations open their doors to their larger communities so everyone can experience the excitement they feel in their places of worship, and taste and share their cultural treats and customs.

We are so lucky to live in this wonderful country, CANADA, where we daily experience the freedoms of democracy; all people are equal and treated with respect.

This is a perfect time of year to remember we are part of a loving race, Mankind, and to keep that thought all year long.

December 2015




Welcome to Building Community!

I have always enjoyed working with people. From the time I was a young child I couldn’t wait to become a parent and have lots of children. I still feel that way as a wife, mother and grandmother. Nothing beats the closeness of family. The next best connections are our friends.

As an administrator, resource specialist and teacher I have loved working with all of my students and their families because they have taught me so many important life lessons over the years; hopefully I’ve had some positive impact on their lives as well.

My website explores the countless, positive ways that we can interact with each other. In respecting others we open the doors to walking in their shoes to better understand what they have experienced and felt. Through this empathy we ensure our decisions and interactions are filled with kindness and fairness. We consciously decide that connecting with others is important and our relationships are golden and honored. Diversity leads to tolerance and the creation of supportive  and enriching communities.