Back to School Again!

September is a great time of year. Students and teachers are excitedly waiting to get back into to their classrooms. Everyone misses their special community – ┬áHome School and Classroom.

Students enjoy walking into school anticipating new friends, the welcoming messages throughout their school and the warm hugs from their teacher and friends. They can’t wait to start their team projects and dig deep into learning.

School/community goals are based on respect, kindness, fairness, empathy, self-control, tolerance and conscience; Beliefs which reflect the values of the school and home community. All students and their families are welcomed and supported.

Every student has the opportunity to be a successful learner and share their talents with their peers. Student needs are addressed and supported in the classroom, on the playground and into the community.

School visitors are welcomed by students and staff and feel the presence of a supportive, loving community.

August 30, 2017