Welcome to Building Community!

I have always enjoyed working with people. From the time I was a young child I couldn’t wait to become a parent and have lots of children. I still feel that way as a wife, mother and grandmother. Nothing beats the closeness of family. The next best connections are our friends.

As an administrator, resource specialist and teacher I have loved working with all of my students and their families because they have taught me so many important life lessons over the years; hopefully I’ve had some positive impact on their lives as well.

My website explores the countless, positive ways that we can interact with each other. In respecting others we open the doors to walking in their shoes to better understand what they have experienced and felt. Through this empathy we ensure our decisions and interactions are filled with kindness and fairness. We consciously decide that connecting with others is important and our relationships are golden and honored. Diversity leads to tolerance and the creation of supportive  and enriching communities.