Education is the best place to be! I have always loved every child I have known and enjoy helping students work through their challenges the most. My experience includes working with students and their families in early, middle and senior years as an administrator, resource specialist and classroom teacher.

The key to my success, as an educator, revolves around taking the time to develop relationships with my students and their families. Through daily collaboration, ¬†we build this awesome team where the student\’s needs and talents are recognized, celebrated and supported. Relationships with teachers, staff, administration, board office specialists and outside agencies brings a multitude of resources to our student, parent and teacher team.

As a parent of an adult with an intellectual disability, our family has found that we get the best supports for our son through collaborating with his community, community work support agencies and awesome staff. We have built a support group around Tom and meet every three months to discuss, review and celebrate his successes.